Sheltered Employment

Once they reach adulthood and if they cannot integrate our school, Our Lady of Al-Kafaàt, or our technical Institute, l’Institut Technique Al-Kafaàt, our beneficiaries with developmental challenges, Down syndrome, or light intellectual disability integrate our developed Sheltered Workshops.

Sheltered employment is an employment that is adapted to the skills and potential of each individual, in a properly suited environment. Each workshop is headed by a Special Educator and welcomes an average of 20 adults.

There is a wide variety of artistic workshops, offering different productions: mosaics, ceramics, recycled paper, accessories, linen …

There are also industrial workshops (laundry, soap, furniture…) as well as food workshops (pizza, breads and manakeesh, cheese and yoghurt, cottage food, chips…).

Adults pursue their therapies while working in the Sheltered workshops. They are also evaluated on their work and receive pocket money against their work at the end of each year.

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