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In addition to delivering rehabilitation to people with special needs, the Al-Kafaàt Foundation delivers education to 850 students in Vocational and Technical Education at the Al-Kafaàt Technical Institute ( and the Al-Kafaàt Catering School (, as well as academic education to 250 students at the Al-Kafaàt Ecole Notre Dame (

In light of the ongoing challenging economic problems that we are facing in Lebanon, now compounded with the current catastrophe generated by the Beirut 4th of August disastrous explosions, our students and their families are struggling to pay the required tuition fees which are already very symbolic.

We have thus launched the MEF – Mainstream Education Fund to support needy students with partial or full scholarships, with a full scholarship amounting to $2,000 per student per year.

If you wish to contribute to the Fund, please follow this link
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We wish to thank the benefactors who have contributed so far to the MEF:

Foundation Christa Von Siemens
Aimee & Charles Kettaneh Association
Nayla Kettaneh Kunigk
Nadia Salhani
Maroun Batrouni
Anwar Kenicer
Denyse & Fouad