A Symbolic Christmas

Traditions are here to stay, and so our Christmas Service took place like every year at the heart of the Lily Rehabilitation Center, where children from our different rehabilitation centers gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to pray for the departed.

A special prayer was held for Chef Ramzi Choueiri and Nadeem Shwayri.

Christmas events took place in the different centers during the week, during which students from the Al-Kafaàt Technical Institute and Catering School organized fun activities with the special children and adults at our different rehabilitation centers.

A Christmas exhibition took place on the Al-Kafaàt Campus with the various handmade products prepared by our special adults from the Village Rehabilitation Campus, while a lively and entertaining Christmas Eve was held at the Home of Beit El Adra.

It is the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Al-Kafaàt; all united to give thanks to what brings us together: human kindness communication.

Blessings to all, on this very special Christmas.