Autism. What autism?

Mira came to our Foundation six years ago when she was three years old. Her family was struggling with her as she is diagnosed with autism and had severe communication problems: she couldn’t mingle with others and could only communicate by making small sounds.

In the Autism Center of Al-Kafaàt, our special educators quickly worked on an individualized plan with Mira, with emphasis on developing her social and communication skills through the various special education programs available at the Center.

Gradually, Mira turned into a different child who is eager to learn and have fun with newfound friends.

Additionally, and part of Al-Kafaàt’s mission to integrate people with special needs in the various academic, vocational, employment and social programs offered at the Foundation, Mira gradually integrated the academic school of the Foundation, Our Lady of Al-Kafaàt.

With the permanent presence of a shadow teacher, Mira is today following regular classes with her classmates. She not only speaks fluently today French and Arabic, but she has also started to learn English.

Without any doubt, Mira will continue her education to integrate later on the University of Al-Kafaàt.

Autism? What autism?

Given the right education and placed in the appropriate environment, Mira is All Ability. She is, AL-KAFAĀT.