Enough already with your ridiculous media parades!

Enough already with trying to come up with a title. Your race to find a “title” or a “label” to define the handicapped of Lebanon (people with challenges, with determination, strong will and special needs) is all what you can do, for when push comes to shove and when the time has come to implement your decisions, your actions remain sterile.

Enough already with your ridiculous media parades!

The reality of the handicapped in Lebanon today is catastrophic. They have no support except for a handful of decent organizations which are left to face this crisis with meager resources, restlessly circling the world in search for little “fresh” funds in the absolute and total absence of the government and its due subsidies!

And if the government should release its due subsidies (which have not been paid since March 2020!), they are unrightfully devoured by the greedy bankers who ruthlessly and freely violate all basic banking regulations, without any prosecution.

Enough already!