Hope is Al-Kafaàt!

Joy in the Lily Shwayri Rehabilitation Center on this special All Saints Day: our children and youth have all returned after a two-year hiatus!

With the gradual opening of all specialized units in the premises of our key rehabilitation center, our special teams of educators and healthcare professionals welcomed today our children, youth and adults with mild to severe developmental handicaps.

While the ministry of social affairs still has not paid its dues for the past 16 months, and as we struggle in the midst of an unprecedented catastrophic financial crisis, hope always prevails at Al-Kafaàt!

Thanks to the generous support of key benefactors, our rehabilitation centers are gradually opening their doors, welcoming again our most fragile populations after a two-year pause. We always welcome your donations on this link.

It is in these challenging times that we find hope and strength.

It is in these challenging times that the Mission of Al-Kafaàt prevails and unites us all.

Blessings to all on this very special day.