Joy in our Village

After a two-year hiatus, life is back on our Village Rehabilitation Campus with the return of our special children and youth

Sunshine in our hearts and sunshine in our Village Rehabilitation Campus: a feeling of euphoria and pure happiness is felt today in our Village as the children and youth of the Myriam Center, the Autism Center, and the Special Workshops are back respectively to their classrooms, units and workshops.

After an imposed interruption caused by the eruption of Covid in combination with the total failure of the government to pay its due subsidies on time, our Village has finally opened its doors today thanks to the generous contribution of private benefactors.

Yet the struggle remains, and we hope that the government will finally pick up its rehabilitation agenda by completing the due payment of its subsidies which remain unsettled since July 2020, and by signing the 2021 contracts on a new budget that must take into account the catastrophic national inflation.

Until then, your support is always appreciated (click here if you wish to make a donation).

May sunshine always remain in your hearts and in our Al-Kafaàt!