Who are the role models of our youth today?
What inspires our youth?
What could drive our youth to a social change?
How can they make a difference tomorrow, today?
To what will they commit to for a better future?
How will they overcome their challenges?

These are some of the questions that we shared among us at Al-Kafaàt, as we stepped into the 62nd year of our founding.

Does the label Special Needs only apply to people who are called in certain circles, handicapped? How do we define ability and disability, handicap and potential….Just who can claim to be the one and only “able” thus labeling all others as “handicapped”? And how can our youth build this country and prosper in it, if they don’t accept the other, the one who is labeled…with special needs?

The founding of Al-Kafaàt takes its roots from that very same existential questioning.

Al-Kafaàt. Potential in Arabic. Or is it Ability?
For in essence, if there is Ability in a human body, isn’t therefore that body a Potential for growth?
Isn’t Life …an expression of Potential, Ability, and a wealth of Capabilities?

IAMKAFAAT. I AM Potential. I (simply) AM.

No matter what or how my body is made,
No matter what challenges I face in my life,
No matter what special challenge I have in my life – be it social, emotional or physical…
As long as there is a heart that beats in my body,
As long as there is a soul that floats in my being,

The #IAMKAFAAT is launched today on all of its social media airwaves: choose your favorite from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The IAMKAFAAT youtube channel is also live and will show all episodes that will air on the Television Network of LBCI, locally and internationally.


What about YOU?