Al-Kafaàt’s Specialized Centers deliver free special education, tailor-made rehabilitation and lodging services to children and adults afflicted with intellectual disability (Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and developmental challenges…), physical disability (MS, cerebral pasly, spina bifida, brain or spinal cord injury, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy…), and sensory disability (autism and hearing loss).

These services are delivered in five specialized Al-Kafaàt Campuses: the Lily Shwayri Center, the Myriam Center, Beit el Adra, the Village, and Our Lady Center.


Al-Kafaàt delivers primary and secondary education at Notre Dame de Kafaàt (NDK). The school is also known for its special classes that deliver special education to children with special needs.

Vocational and Technical Education is delivered at l’Institut Technique de Kafaàt (ITK). The Institute is located on the Al-Kafaàt Campus in Ain-Saadé, Fanar. That same Campus also includes the Al-Kafaàt University (AKU) that delivers Bachelors and Master degrees against symbolic tuition fees. Trainees and students with disabilities are integrated in either educational sector, and benefit from assistive support to successfully complete their studies.

Al-Kafaàt also delivers Catering Education and Training on the Al-Kafaàt Campus and at the Al-Kafaàt Catering School in Mansourieh.