The Firsts in Lebanon!

It was an amazing event on our Al-Kafaàt Campus during which our 272 graduates took their end of studies diplomas with great joy.

This year’s event was marked by the amazing official governmental results, with our students winning the first and second national ranks.

Congratulations to Karim Beydoun (BP2 Mechanics), Noelly Jabbour (BP2 Printing), Charbel Assi (BP2 Carpentry) and Zahraa Zeaiter (BT3 Printing) on winning the first national ranks, and to Georges Estephan (BP2 Mechanics), Clara Rihani (BP2 Printing), Ray Nasr (BP2 Electronics), and Stephanie Aghajyan (BT3 Printing) on winning the second national ranks!

You truly make us all #ALKAFAAT_proud.