The Street of Nadeem Habib Shwayri, Founder of Al-Kafaàt

This Sunday 22 April 2018, the main street that links the four rehabilitation centers of our Foundation was officially named The Street of Nadeem H. Shwayri, Founder of Al-Kafaàt.

It was a full day of festivities that started early morning with the yearly walk organized by the Al-Kafaàt Autism Center with the Municipality of Hadat to create awareness on autism.

People with autism and their families, friends and artists all gathered at the President General Michel Aoun Square where the walk started, to end at the Village Rehabilitation Campus where a program of festivities was organized. During the walk, children with autism inaugurated the three signs en route, with the President of the Hadat Municipality Mr. Georges Edouard Aoun and the Al-Kafaàt CEO, Chef Ramzi Choueiri.

After the festivities, an official and more formal event took place at the Lily Shwayri Rehabilitation Center where the history of Nadeem Shwayri was shared visually to all guests, with testimonials from Excellent Jaafarite Mufti Cheikh Ahmad Kabalan, Father Antonios representing Bishop Constantine, former Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Sayed Hussein El Husseini, former Prime Minister of Lebanon Tammam Salam, and Mr. Pierre Anglaret, former regional director of the French research group on disability in France, CREAI.

The President of the Board of Trustees of Al-Kafaàt, Professor Ramez Aouad and the President of the Hadat Municipality, Georges Edouard Aoun, gave speeches as well, before the official opening of the Street in a symbolic way on stage. The co-founder of Al-Kafaàt and wife of Nadeem Shwayri, Mrs. Lily Shwayri led the way in the official opening.

The event ended with a lunch banquet for all guests, prepared by the Foundation’s Catering School.

Congratulations to Hadat. Congratulations to Al-Kafaàt. Congratulations to Lebanon.