The Special adults of the Al-Kafaàt sheltered workshops of the Village of Al-Kafaàt will be showcasing the summer collection of their design furniture at the Sursock Museum this Saturday 20 May.

Our adults with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and intelligence handicaps of the Village of Al-Kafaàt, are proud to unveil the beautiful summer collection of their handmade stools, hexagonal tables and benches, and original lamps.

Based on traditional designs, but modernized thanks to a funky and colorful take on the design, these items will be on display at the Sursock Museum on Saturday 20 May, between 9am and 7pm.

The Al-Kafaàt sheltered workshops of the Village Center deliver services and produce handmade design items, under the simple philosophy of the Foundation, adopted since its founding in 1957: Providing Dignity through Production and not Charity.