Over 300 people gathered early morning on Sunday 2 April at the main Hadat square to kick start a walk that took them from the main Hadat President Michel Aoun square, all the way down to the Al-Kafaàt Village Center. There, all participants visited the center’s specialized units to learn more about the special services provided by Al-Kafaàt to children and adults with autism.

The President of the Hadat Municipality, Mr. George Edouard Aoun, and the Executive Director of the Al-Kafaàt rehabilitation centers, Mr. Rabih Salameh, highlighted the importance of securing proper rehabilitation to people with autism, so they could properly integrate the society.

The Al-Kafaàt song for Autism was launched on the occasion with much enthusiasm. All danced on its rhythmic tunes, including the official guests! Singer Pascale Sakr and actor Wissam Sabbagh joined in.

A luncheon buffet prepared by the Al-Kafaàt Catering School students welcomed all guests, after the cutting of the official cake. Finally, the children of the Al-Kafaàt Autism Center impressed their parents and guests by performing wonderfully in a funny play.

The Al-Kafaàt Autism Center exists since 2001. It welcomes today over 100 children and adults with autism in combination with associated development challenges. All rehabilitation services are delivered at the Foundation free of charge, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs.