For the 60th consecutive year, our students are back to our different schools: the academic year 2016-2017 is launched!

With much joy and anticipation, children and parents gathered in the playground of the academic school of Al-Kafaàt, Notre Dame de Kafaàt for a fun morning. And who said that school was boring, anyway? Disguised in clowns on the first day of school, the different educators made children and parents happy to start a new academic year.

The Notre Dame de Kafaàt School is an academic school that welcomes children and teenagers in the various academic cycles that lead to the national baccalaureate. In par with the mission of the Al-Kafaàt Foundation, the school makes no discrimination and is unique in delivering along with its regular academic activities, special education to children who may require special academic attention.

Happy 2016-2017 to all!