Are we different? Maybe. But in so many similar ways!

Under the patronage of the Minister of Social Affairs Mr. Rachid Derbass, Al-Kafaàt organized on Saturday 21st of May the AL-KAFAAT Festival and Day on the Foundation’s University and Technical Education Campus in Ain-Saadeh. The theme of the event is “You and I are not that different”.

This is an annual event during which the Al-Kafaàt children afflicted with disabilities (autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, deafness …) overcome their disabilities by having fun and taking part in theatre performances with the Al-Kafaàt University and Vocational Training students, as well as with their own families, friends, and the Foundation’s educators and staff members.

The objective is to encourage our society to accept “the other” no matter what the differences may be: social, physical or mental, by simply spending a great and fun day together.

Over 1,000 folks shared the fun and enjoyed a series of games, theatre performances, as well as horseback riding.

Accepting “the other” has been the Mission of Al-Kafaàt ever since its inception in 1957 by Nadeem and Lily Shwayri. The Foundation has been achieving this philosophy through its educational and rehabilitation services that are delivered today on 7 different campuses, to a daily population of over 4,000 students, trainees, and children with special needs.