In more than 50 countries, Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week 2016 will be celebrated on Wednesday 5 October. The Al-Kafaàt Foundation will not miss that date. Check out our daily activities on our Facebook page!

As Lebanon still struggles to give equal rights to people with challenges, Al-Kafaàt never fails to provide education and rehabilitation to all, irrespective of creed, physical and mental challenges.

Children, youth, adults and elderly afflicted with Cerebral Palsy and developmental disorders, are all part of the Al-Kafaàt family.

Our mother center, The Lily Shwayri Rehabilitation Center hosts the unit for rehabilitation of the Foundation, and delivers all medical, paramedical and therapeutic services to folks afflicted with developmental disorders.

In par with this, our Notre Dame of Al-Kafaàt School (NDK), and Al-Kafaàt Technical and Vocational Institute (ITK), and our Al-Kafaàt University (AKU), all integrate children, young adults, and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Finally, our specialized dorms at the Beit el Adra Center welcome all the children and adults with Cerebral Palsy and developmental disorders at the Al-Kafaàt Foundation.

It is noteworthy to mention that all rehabilitation and educational services delivered at the Al-Kafaàt Foundation to folks with Cerebral Palsy and developmental disorders are delivered free of charge.