It was success all the way: 100% success rate for our key departments in our Catering School and Technical Institute, and top ranking positions in Lebanon in the official exams! Our Campus was the scene of some great excitement when the names of the top students in Lebanon graduated from our Al-Kafaàt Technical Institute and our Al-Kafaàt Catering School, on this 27th of July.

Smashing success with 100% success in the Printing, Catering, Assistant Accounting, and Electronics Schools. And First National ranking in Marketing, Printing and Catering.

The graduation ceremony of our 258 students from our Catering School and our Technical Institute took place on the Al-Kafaàt Campus (Ain-Saadé, Fanar), in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Diab, Director General of Technical Education in Lebanon, Mr. Pierre David, Educational Consultant to our Technical Institute from our partner organization SEPR, and the CEO of the Al-Kafaàt Foundation and Director General of the Al-Kafaàt Catering School, Chef Ramzi.

Directors of the different departments and centers congratulated the students who graduated in a lavish ceremony that ended with fireworks and good music.

Congratulations to our youth: they are the beautiful face of Lebanon!