Over 2,500 students visit The Al-Kafaàt Campus

More than 2,000 students from middle and high-schools visited the Campus premises and learned more about the available possibilities allowed by the Lebanese educational system, to move from technical to university education. A holder of a technical baccalaureate for example, may go to college and acquire a university degree, thus benefitting from obtaining an official bachelor’s or a master’s degree in par with having acquired a technological background with pragmatic applications.

In a country that faces severe financial crises, and in a situation where young students at the age of 15 and 16 are unable to properly envision their future or make the right career choices independently from the traditional educational norms and beliefs, the « Al-Kafaàt Campus » wanted to focus this year on a pragmatic guidance strategy, brining the visiting students into the different arts and technology workshops on Campus, with the objective of thoroughly explaining the necessity to choose a career, and not a degree.

An objective that is quite tricky, considering the strong educational traditions that exist in our Lebanese society and in the mindset of young Lebanese students. Explaining to Lebanese students the value of acquiring a university degree with pragmatic and technical application is still a major challenge.

Such is what the « Al-Kafaàt Campus » did this week, with its teams of professors and educators. But also, and in light of the financial challenges faced by all, this week also highlighted the financial support granted by the Al-Kafaàt Foundation to all students at both, the Al-Kafaàt University and the Al-Kafaàt Technical Institute. The Al-Kafaàt Foundation indeed provides since 1957 education, rehabilitation and employment to all Lebanese, irrespective of any social, financial and physical challenge.